Your Son or Daughter’s First Youth Bow… Are They Ready and How to Choose!

January 25, 2018

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The first thing is to determine that your child exhibits the responsibility and discipline needed for them to become safe and efficient with their new bow. Do not make their age the only determining factor as there are many types of bows that can fit all ages. Maybe enrolling them in a local Archery Club where professional instructors teach them would be a great starting point. Here they can learn the important safety measures and techniques that are crucial in successful youth archery. You might also research local Scouting programs or summer camps as possible training options.

Once the interest and a demonstration of responsibility begin to surface, the next step is choosing the correct bow for that son or daughter. It is critical that the correct Draw Weight and Draw Length be determined! Your child’s weight is a great measure of the proper Draw Weight for him or her. A smaller child weighing 50-70 pounds should take a look at a Draw Weight of 15 to 20 pounds for their first bow. Larger children in the 70-100 pounds range should be comfortable with a Draw Weight of 15 to 25 pounds. Kids in a range of 100-300 pounds in weight can move up to 25 to 35 pounds of Draw Weight and be comfortable while heavier youths are capable of going to as much as 35 to 40 pounds. These are offered as guidelines but your child’s ability at these can vary. By using these parameters, a parent should be able to have a very good idea of the proper Draw Weight that best fits their child’s needs.

Next we need to address the Draw Length that will provide the best results for your son or daughter. A yard stick is the best way to measure this important factor. Place the yard stick on the middle part of your child’s chest bone and have them to reach out to the yard stick and their finger tips will determine the number of inches for his or her Draw Length. This method will provide you with a very accurate calculation. Should you have additional questions do not hesitate to reach out to the people who supply your bows or equipment. It is a good idea to make sure that you purchase all of the related and necessary accessories as your child might lose interest if their experience is difficult one or they find the endeavor uninteresting.

Bottom line, the determination of when your child is ready and providing them with the proper training and equipment can be the first step in becoming a life long lover of archery and the fun and rewarding times ahead.