The Technology That Is Changing American Farmers’ Seed Treatment Process

April 5, 2018


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Today, the U.S. is the world’s greatest exporter of agricultural products. America has over two million farms, and farmers often rely on technology to keep them efficient and profitable. Farmers plant carefully chosen seeds at precise intervals. Most seeds are treated to protect them as they grow. Farmers often own equipment that allows them to control the treatment process.

Treatment Protects Growing Seeds

The majority of farmers avoid the overuse of pesticides and other harmful agents by using chemically treated seeds. That means seeds have been “dressed” with antimicrobials and fungicides that protect them. Treated seeds are also less likely to have insect damage. During treatments, they are brightly colored, which makes them less attractive to birds if they are spilled. Coloring agents also make it easy to clean up scattered seeds. Seed Treatment is more eco-friendly than pesticides since it takes far fewer chemicals to get the job done.

Outsourced Treatments Can Be Unreliable

Many farmers who want to use treated seed buy it from providers who sell in bulk. Unfortunately, farmers have little control over that process. They often have to buy seed months before it is needed and, in a lot of cases, have no idea whether the treatments are ideal for their needs. Many get stuck with a lot of seed that they can neither plant nor return. As a result, many consider outsourcing treatments to be unsustainable and buy specialized machines and products that allow them to treat their own seeds.

Specialty Equipment Lets Farmers Treat Their Own Seeds

Farmers can buy treatment machines that suit their production needs. They can buy and treat exactly the amount of seed they need. Companies like My Yield offer treaters meant to dress 2,500, 5,000 and 7,500 units per season. Farmers can also buy custom blended chemicals that match their crops. For example, there are products designed to maximize corn, wheat, and soybean crops. The treatment process is fast, efficient, and even minimizes seed spills.

Modern farmers typically treat seeds with chemicals that protect them during growth. There are companies that sell treated seed, but many farmers now use special treaters and custom chemical blends to treat their own seed. That gives them complete control over the entire process and helps to keep them profitable by eliminating wasted seed.